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Ingredients for Success

by Cynthia de Castro/AJPress
In any recipe, picking the right ingredients is perhaps the most crucial — one that would determine the flavors of the dish. Carlito Jocson’s recipe for business success has the following key ingredients which every aspiring businessman might find useful and inspiring.
First, know your strengths and your passion. What work do you love to do? If you like what you’re doing, then you wouldn’t mind doing it for long hours, maybe even for the rest of your life. Knowing what you want to do in life is like knowing how to pick the finest components in making your stew.

Knowing is half the battle. The next thing you need to do is to hone your skills in order to master your craft well. Carlito said that while other kids his age were playing, he and his brothers were helping their mother prepare food in the kitchen. Even while he was still in high school, Carlito worked part-time to improve his culinary skills.

The third ingredient is hard work and going the extra mile. As they say, no pain, no gain. While he no longer advocates this stressful work schedule, Jocson’s work ethics clearly shows that he makes sure the work is done, and done excellently.

The final ingredient in his recipe is having creativity and an adventurous spirit. One has to be a dreamer, a visionary who can think up of ways and means to offer people something new.  Yard House regulars say that they keep coming back for the extensive food selection –and not just for the beer and the music. Being the restaurant chain’s corporate executive chef, Carlito makes sure there is something for everyone at the Yard House –from the basic to the exotic.

Jocson kept these elements for success in mind wherever he worked. And he was given due recognition for his hardwork when Harald Herrmann finally gave him the biggest break of his life and said “The only guy I want to handle the food is you.”

Summing up what’s needed for a Pinoy to succeed in America, Carlito simply stated that God created us to work for excellence and not for mediocrity. “Just do your best in everything you do,” Jocson advised.


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