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Pinay Boxer Loses Championship Bout

by Joseph Pimentel/AJPress
LEMOORE – FilAm Pinay boxer Ana Julaton’s dream of being an undefeated champion fell apart after losing a split decision against Brooklyn native Dominga Olivo in an eight round bout at the Tachi Palace Resort and Casino last August 21.

“The girl was much more effective at 120 than she was at 135,” said Roach about Olivo. “She was very durable and quick…Not to say that Ana didn’t fight a good fight. Ana fought well. I think a few adjustments here and there and we could have outpointed Olivo.”

With only two weeks notice, Olivo accepted this match against the highly regarded Julaton after several other opponents backed out.

Fighting for her fourth world championship attempt, the 36-year-old veteran boxer looked sharp throughout the fight. She threw more punches and combinations, while Julaton seemed to have lost a step. The judges scored split-decision bout in her favor 79-73, 77-75 and 75-77.

“I wanted to pressure her and throw the stronger punches,” said Olivo, the new World Boxing Council (WBC) International Female super bantamweight titlist. “I wanted to work the body to the head and use my hooks. And you saw what happened.”

Roach said that Julaton didn’t look like her normal self during the match.

“I don’t know what it was,” said Roach about Julaton’s performance. “I’m not sure if she over prepared. I feel like Ana was a little flat in the fight. Not so much her hands but her legs.”

Julaton, who has only had five professional bouts, admits to having rookie nerves. The bright lights and championship atmosphere took the better of her.

It appeared that Julaton was the quicker fighter with the effective jabs to keep Oliva away. However, Julaton abandoned that strategy for a more brawler type fight.

“I think going into this fight I was too excited,” she said. “I knew she was a forward fighter but my ego got the best of me in terms of me just wanting to go in there and slug it out with her.

“I was a little tight,” she added. “She’s a strong fighter. I just didn’t get off the way I wanted to.”

Julaton said that the loss is a humbling moment in her short career.

“I’m taking it for what it is,” she said. “The best thing is to leave it all behind…and continue on to be better. No excuses on anything. I just need to try to get better next time. I’ll do whatever it takes to get to the next level.”

Too Soon?

Manager Angelo Reyes took the blame for Julaton’s lost.

Coming into this match questions surrounded Julaton’s management about whether she was ready for a championship bout against a very worthy opponent so early in her career.

Reyes said he was overeager to go for a championship early in Julaton’s career because women’s boxing doesn’t have the number of fights available like the men’s professional boxing.

“Look I went on record on saying that we had five top five women in the world who turned down this fight,” he said. “Why is Ana the one challenging people when it should be the other way around?”

The loss drops Julaton’s record to 4-1-1 1 KO.

Reyes said Team Julaton would go back to the drawing board and prepare a new training regiment for Julaton. Reyes added that he and Roach are already preparing for another match for Julaton scheduled for late October.  (www.asianjournal.com)


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Bay Area Boxer Julaton Battles to a Draw

by Joseph Pimentel/AJPress

LAS VEGAS – All FilAm female boxer Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton wanted for her birthday was a win by knockout.

Unfortunately, some birthday wishes don’t come true.

Last July 5, the now 28-year-old Julaton battled undefeated Johanna Mendez to a draw in a bantamweight match during the undercard of the Ricardo Torres vs. Kendall Holt championship bout at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

It was Julaton’s second fight in ten days and one has to wonder if that had something to do in her less than stellar performance. Julaton’s last fight against Salana Jordan in Lemoore ended in 37 seconds of the first round. Mendez proved to be a tougher opponent with the match lasting all six rounds.

The 18-year-old Mendez confounded the Filipino with her slippery style. Julaton was the aggressive fighter throughout the match, while Mendez sat back and waited to counterpunch.

The style proved to be effective against the stronger Julaton. Early in the bout, Julaton landed a few overhand rights that snapped Mendez’s head back. It appeared Julaton would dominate the smaller fighter.

However, Mendez adjusted in the mid-rounds. Mendez waited for Julaton to come in and attack before catching Julaton with a few blows of her own. Every time Julaton came in, Mendez would throw a punch, clinch or move to the left or right.

In the fourth round, Julaton suffered a gash over her right eye from an incidental headbutt.

With blood flowing down from one side of her face, Julaton appeared frustrated with Mendez’s style. Julaton chased the quicker Mendez around the ring and would land the stronger and more effective punches, however, not enough to sustain a considerable attack.

Mendez did not land any significant blows but threw and landed enough punches to convince some of the judges that she won a few rounds.

Ringside judge Richard Ocasio scored the bout 58-56 for Mendez. Judge Bill Graham had it 55-59 Julaton. Judge Paul Smith scored it 57-57 even.

After the match, Julaton was clearly disappointed with her performance.

“I would have been happy with the win but a draw – it’s not a win, it’s not a lost so I’m still considered undefeated,” said Julaton. “But I look at it differently, coming in everybody knows I have Manny Pacquiao’s trainer [Freddie Roach] in the corner and we wanted to win. I can’t blame the judges… I just have to get back to work.”

Roach said they have a lot of work to do. Mendez exposed a part of Julaton’s game that future opponents might try to capitalize on against her, according to Roach.

“It was a very close fight,” he said. “She [Mendez] had a very difficult style. She sort of just waited and counterpunched. I thought Ana was the aggressor. I thought Ana made the fight happen. If it weren’t for her there wouldn’t be a fight…but it’s a learning experience and Ana will learn from it.”

“Mendez had a very difficult style,” he added. “She waited and counterpunched. The girl set precedence on how they fight Ana now. We’ll have to change that up. We’ll jab a little bit more, use feints. It’s a work in progress.”

Other Undercard Matches

Glen Gonzalez of North Cotabato, Philippines won a unanimous decision against Robert DaLuz in the same undercard of the Holt vs. Torres championship bout. The 22-year-old southpaw outpointed the slower DaLuz in their six-round match.

Holt vs. Pacquiao?

Kendall Holt made a statement with his impressive first round knockout win against Ricard Torres for the WBO Junior Welterweight Championship belt. With Pacquiao possibly moving up in weight again to 140 pounds, Holt wants his piece against the Filipino champion.

“Everybody keeps saying ‘Ricky Hatton against Pacquiao’, but how about me,” said Holt to the Asian Journal after the match.

Pacquiao’s camp has expressed his desire to fight British people’s champion Ricky Hatton, if Pacquiao ever moves up to the 140-pound junior welterweight division.


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The Hurricane Strikes

by Joseph Pimentel/AJPress

LEMOORE – They call her the “Hurricane” for a reason.

Last Thursday, FilAm female boxer Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton quickly disposed of Salana Jordan 37 seconds into the first round of a bantamweight fi ght at the Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino in Leemore.

“I’m just as surprised as everybody else,” said Julaton about the quick fight. “It’s hard for me to remember [what happened]. I was just thinking to keep going because it [the knockdown] just happened fast.”

The 27-year-old Julaton was unrelenting in her attacks from the get go.

She opened the first round with a hard stiff jab rocking Jordan’s head like a bobblehead doll. A few seconds later, Julaton jarred Jordan with a right hook to the chin. About 25 seconds into the fight, Julaton threw a right to the body, left hook to the head and finished the combination with a perfectly placed right hook to Jordan’s jaw. Jordan fell to the canvas but quickly rose from the floor. Jordan stood dazed but the referee continued the fight.

Julaton continued to pepper Jordan with fierce combinations. Deftly placed lefts hook to the liver and another right hook to the head finished the fight. Jordan’s corner threw in the towel. Referee Ray Balewicz waved the fight off 37 seconds into the first round signaling the win for Julaton.

“It was a good performance,” said Trainer Freddie Roach, who flew in from Las Vegas to corner the fight for Julaton. “I think she’s progressing well. She’s where she needs to be right now.”

“I give it up to my training and coaches,” added Julaton. “We’ve been training for a long time for this fight. I was ready and prepared.”

Julaton said she was surprised that she knocked down Jordan.

“It always catch me to surprise,” she said. “It was the same way when I knocked down Rita [Valentini] in my first fight. [But] I feel good. I’m glad about the outcome. I’m just doing what I’m trained to do and it just happens.”

Planet Hollywood

The next match-up for Julaton is arguably going to be her toughest fight. On Saturday, July 5, Julaton faces undefeated Johanna Mendez of Houston, TX. Mendez is the 2007 US National Silver medalist. After turning professional, Mendez has racked up a 3-0 1 KO record.

Besides having to fight two bouts in a span of ten days and her undefeated record on the line, Julaton will also be celebrating her birthday on July 5, adding more pressure to do well against Mendez.

Julaton said she’s ready for her opponent.

“It’s back to work,” she said. “I’m glad to have an opponent who is very skilled. I need go do what I got to do. This is what I’m supposed to do.”


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