The Reign of Sarah

by Rochelle Pangilinan/AJPress

With a box-office hit (the recent A Very Special Love), a series of successful concerts and a new album (featuring the lead single I’ll Be There, where she duets with Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough) to boot, all at the young age of 20, Sarah Geronimo is primed to rule show business.

And with her latest hit album Just Me… Sarah to promote, Sarah donned Burberry—complete with dramatic eye makeup and sophisticated slick back hair—in the October issue of Preview magazine, Sarah may yet add another title to her credit: fashion icon, something her young fans would definitely welcome.

Sarah is aware of her many young fans, one reason why she declined to shoot a kissing scene with leading man John Lloyd Cruz in A Very Special Love, where she played the Polyanna-like, fresh- out-of-college girl (armed only with colorful post-its, a fashion sense that resembles Rainbow Brite and a bright smile) thrown into the jungle-like world of men’s magazine publishing, with John Lloyd as the powerful but emotionally vacant editor-in-chief.

“A lot of young people look up to me. It would not be a good example if they saw their Ate Sarah in a kissing scene,” Sarah tells Preview magazine. She is also proudly boyfriend-less as well, as she’d rather focus her attention on her burgeoning career at the moment, but this has not stopped her many male admirers from trying to woo her.

Some admirers, however, are all just for her wonderful singing talent. Among them, international star Howie Dorough, who had no second thoughts on recording with Sarah on a track for Just Me… Sarah. I’ll Be There is produced by Christian de Walden of Hollywood and was composed by Al Taveel and Pamela Philips-Oland, the same team behind one of the most successful duets in pop music history, Too Much, Too Little, Too Late by Johnny Mathis and Denise Williams.

“I liked Sarah instantly,” says Howie. “She seems to be very sweet and humble and she did a good job with the song.”

And unlike many young stars who gain fame and fortune all too fast, “sweet and humble” are still words often associated with Sarah even after all the success she’s amassed. Since winning the grand title in Star For A Night for her rendition of the Celine Dion pop hit To Love You More at the tender age of 14, Sarah has continuously made her presence felt in the biz. And from the looks of things, Sarah is far from slowing down. Among her next projects include a follow-up movie with John Lloyd to be released early next year. By November, Sarah will be holding a major solo concert at the Araneta Coliseum and will be releasing her first-ever Christmas album, to be produced by Ryan Cayabyab, in December.

The reign of Sarah is indeed upon us.  (

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