Clinton, Bush announce team up to aid Ike victims

by Momar Visaya/AJPress

NEW YORK – The 2008 Clinton Global Initiative, the annual summit of business and world leaders and celebrities opened Wednesday, Sept. 23, with a host of pledges and commitments to help the underserved communities in the world.

Former President Bill Clinton said in his opening that the financial crisis roiling markets in the US and around the world underscores the importance of taking a global perspective.

“This crisis is not an excuse to walk away from the world’s challenges but a compelling reason to intensify efforts to meet them around the corner and around the world,” Clinton said as he welcomed the plenary participants..

Now in its fourth year, the initiative draws global leaders from business, government, academia, science and non-governmental organizations, celebrities, current and former heads of states, philanthropists and scholars for three days of discussions about pressing global issues like poverty alleviation, energy, climate change, education and global health.

Lance Armstrong, who also announced his return to cycling at next year’s Tour de France, said his foundation is committing $8 million over the next five years to a global awareness campaign for cancer, including a meeting that would convene in Paris after the tour.

“This disease takes 8 million people around the world every year, 22,000 people a day. This must be a global health priority.  (

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