Up close and personal with KC

by Joseph Pimentel/AJPress
Concepcion sits flushed inside a dressing room beneath the Glendale Alex Theatre. It’s been a whirlwind ride for the past few hours for her. Since the opening of For the First Time, KC has met, hugged and photographed with hundreds of gushing fans. Her right arm is tired from signing autographs. Her eyes are blurry from the countless flash photos. Yet she remained radiant. Her smile is bright and her attitude is as perky as ever.

Asian Journal sat down with KC to chat about her movie premiere, her budding singing and acting career, overcoming her parents’ looming shadow and her future in show business.

AJ: Are you surprised by the overwhelming reception that you got today?

KC: Well, yeah. I still can’t see right now because of all the flash bulbs but it was really, really nice to see everybody.Hindi ko inexpect na ganito karaming tao, ganito karaming Pinoy ang dadating. And siyempre, it was really, really nice to see everybody was so excited about the movie and was so welcoming of me. It was worth the whole journey, my whole trip over here.

AJ: Let’s get this question out of the way. Everyone seems to always mention a possible [boyfriend-girlfriend] relationship between you and your co-star Richard Gutierrez. So let’s just make this clear. What can you tell us about your relationship with Richard?

KC: My relationship with Richard? Hey, hey, hey. You be careful how you ask questions. [laughing]

AJ: Hey, there are different kinds of relationships.

KC: [laughing] Yeah, I know. Richard is a very, very good guy. He’s a lot of fun to be around. He’s very adventurous. It’s nice to travel with him. So it [the movie] was really the perfect chance for us to get to know each other and to go to Greece and to film there, and we’re doing an international premiere in Austria, too. So we’re really excited to be traveling together, but more than that we’re good working partners. We work well together. We’re very supportive of each other. It worked out well. Naging komportable kami sa isa’t isa. Mabuti siyang tao, masaya siyang kasama. We take it day by day like he always says.

AJ: You two are also set to star in an upcoming film When I Met You by GMA Films slated for release on Valentine’s Day next year. Could you perhaps give us a teaser about the upcoming film that you two will be working together on?

KC: [Asks manager for permission to talk about the film] Siyempre nag-umpisa kami ni Chard dito sa Star Cinemakaya maganda ‘yung launching ‘ng partnership namin sa pelikula, and for that we’re very thankful sa [ABS-CBN] Star Cinema, kina Tita Charo, kina Tita Malou Santos dahil binigyan nila kami ng napakagandang experience for the first time. So for the second time, we’re really excited also to be doing a different story, a different kind of film maybe but still offering sort of the same things na nahanap nila at nakita nila dito sa pelikulang ito [For the First Time]. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone, to seeing the support of everyone hopefully again [when the movie comes out]. ‘Yung ilang buwan din na tinatrabaho namin ‘yung pelikula, worth it ‘pag nakita naming maraming nagbibigay ng dalawang oras nila at nagtatabi ng kaunting pera para i-spend para panoorin ‘yung pelikula namin.

AJ: Every time I talk to somebody about you, they always bring up your parents Gabby Concepcion, of course, and Sharon Cuneta. Is that a big shadow for you to overcome?

KC: You know what, honestly, it is. Honestly, there are a lot of comparisons that go on all the time with everything that I do and sometimes it makes me think if that’s a good thing or bad thing. But at the end of the day I’m just proud to have parents like [them] and it’s an honor to be their daughter. But [you know], it’s also a different generation now. Hopefully, people are more welcoming of what’s to come now. It’s always nice na maalaala natin ‘yung past, maalala rin natin kung ano ‘yung mga nagawa nila at nagustuhan natin sa kanila, pero siguro maganda rin nai-welcome yung bago and i-welcome kung ano ‘yung mayroon ngayon.

AJ: Did they push you into acting?

KC: Oh no. Not at all. I was very hesitant in the beginning. But at the end of the day, you find meaning and you meet people who you work with that you actually enjoy working with and learn a lot from and you learn to love the work. And when you find the kind of work that doesn’t feel like work to you, then you know you’re on the right track.

AJ: Now, you also have a budding singing career. Can you tell us about that?

KC: I have fun with music. With that album I was able to work with some of my favorite musicians. Each song is different and the album has about 11 tracks. It was a really nice, experimental thing. I never really had expectations when I came out with it. And with every performance siyempre, natututo rin ako and mas lalo akong nage-enjoy sa bawat performance na ginagawa koMay mga pagkakamali, pero meron ding mga masasayang times, lalo na pag ‘yung audience sumasabay sa kanta.

AJ: So are you planning to do both singing and acting? Or do you just want to focus on one?

KC: I think in this day and age, they work together, ‘di ba? Like ‘yung mga pelikula, I sang the track in For the First Time and it’s included in my a.k.a. Cassandra CD. So yeah, it works. Music and movies tie up together.

AJ: We all know you have an upcoming film with Richard Gutierrez, but can you tell us what else you have planned in the near future?

KC: Before that, we have a few surprises for our viewers and for the audience out there. Watch out for that, I’ll be working with different people.

AJ: Can you elaborate on who those people are?

KC: Not yet. [laughing] But meron akong iba’t ibang tao na makakatrabaho na sana mahalin n’yo rin in the same wayna minahal n’yo si Richard. Gagawin namin ang lahat-lahat para mapasaya kayo sa iba’t ibang paraan so sana abangan n’yo ‘yun. Marami kaming mga sorpresang magaganda.

AJ: How about doing a film with your dad or your mom or both?

KC: Naku, ewan ko kung iluluto yun one of these days, pero kung mangyayari ‘yun, sobrang saya siguro nun kasi, it’s like a family business (laughs). But you know, siyempre there are personal things rin that we have to think about. But of course, it’s always going to be a dream to be able to do that either together or separately. Most probably separately. You know, we’ll see.

AJ: Have you ever thought about perhaps venturing into mainstream US films?

KC: I think it’s every actor’s dream to do that only because they make such great quality films here [in the US] and the time that you give to acting and the energy and yung pagkatao mo na binibigay mo sa acting, deserves that kind of quality. But I’m just happy doing what I’m doing now. I really respect the Filipino movie industry, and it’s just such an honor to be part of it. So I’m just taking things day by day.

AJ: Last question, what do you want to say to all of your fans?

KC: Sa lahat ng mga Kapamilya, (pati na rin siguro mga Kapuso) thank you sa lahat-lahat, thank you sa suporta ninyo. Talagang napakasaya ko po talaga, nagugulat ako sa suportang pinapakita ninyo at sa mga kuwento nyo when I was signing autographs kanina. Ang daming nagkukuwentuhan, ang daming mga bumabati sa iba’t iba kong kamag-anak, andami ko palang kakilala dito. It was really, really nice to see na lahat ng Pilipino sa buong mundo, lahat ng mga kababayan nagsasama-sama at lumilipad kung saan-saan. Nagda-drive from Las Vegas, dumadating galing Hawaii, galing San Diego, galing Seattle, galing Chicago, galing kung saan-saan. Salamat po talaga sa panahong ibinibigay nyo sa akin para sa pelikulang ito. Salamat sa lahat-lahat. Mayroong mga tao na nagbibigay ng regalo din. To everybody who gave us gifts, thank you for being so thoughtful. You really didn’t have to do that, but ginagawa pa rin nila ‘yun kaya napakalaking bagay sa amin ‘yun. And all the more we want to do things for you, now and in the future. You know, just hope to be inspired by you continuously and hope that you continue to be inspired by the things we do too.  (www.asianjournal.com)

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