McOil to go: There’s more to McDonald’s than just burger and fries

by Carmie O. Carpio/AJPress
Manila ’s police force has taken on an extra job: not exactly saving more criminal victims and catching more crooks, but inspiring the whole nation to save energy.
Recently, police officials announced that they are considering converting their patrol cars to run on a mix of 60 percent used cooking oil and 40 percent diesel. The cooking oil will be donated by McDonalds outlets in Makati as well as other restaurants looking to do the same.Through this project, cars plying the Makati financial district will be powered by this money- and energy-saving combination, not the commercial oil they used to rely on for years.

Reports say that one police car has already been converted to use the diesel-used cooking oil mixture and is already running in the streets, a development which has served as a wake-me-up to the government to look into the possibility of converting more vehicles.

Officials believe the success of the project could eventually lead to encourage and stir police headquarters not only in Metro Manila but in the entire country to go through the same conversion.

So next time you witness a police chase along the streets of Manila, think again: the power that runs it is on the side of the environment.

An initiative of this kind is not the first from McDonalds. Last year, the fastfood giant pledged to convert all its 155 vehicles in the United Kingdom through a cooking oil and rapeseed oil combination. McDonalds targets 1,650 tons of carbon saved annually through this oil-saving scheme.

McDonalds does not have a completely impressive environmental record, thanks to criticisms thrown its way over the years. But now, apart from setting aside its large stock of cooking oil to an efficient use, it is also working on other initiatives—such as spanning recycling and packing—for the sake of reducing its carbon emissions.


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