FilAm Muay Thai Fighters Victorious

by Joseph Pimentel/AJPress
LAS VEGAS – FilAm Christine Toledo literally kicked off the night at the World Muay Thai Championships at the Las Vegas Hilton last weekend.
Toledo was one of three FilAm Muay Thai fighters showcased in the card.

As the first Pinoy fighter in the undercard, Toledo used high kicks and several takedowns to best International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) British Flyweight Champion Ruth Ashdown by a unanimous decision in four rounds.

“It was a hard fight,” said Toledo to the Asian Journal. “I expected that. She’s one of the best fighters where she’s from so I thought she had the advantage.”

However, Toledo kicked it up a notch when she heard the number of Filipino fans cheering her on.

“That was my advantage,” she said. “It’s my home town and I received a lot of support. I heard them cheering loudly especially when I came out with the Philippine flag.”

The cheers didn’t stop coming. After Toledo won against her opponent, it was Bay Area native Michael Mananquil’s turn.

The 26-year-old Mananquil defeated Japanese opponent Genki Yamaguchi by a unanimous decision in five rounds.

Mananquil told reporters afterward he was happy about the win but would have preferred a knockout victory.

“I’d have liked to finish the fight, but sometimes it ends up this way,” said Mananquil to an ABS-CBN reporter.

With the win, Mananquil retained the World Boxing Council (WBC) Intercontinental Muay Thai belt.

In the main event, half Mexican half Filipino 24-year-old Shane Del Rosario won the vacant WBC Heavyweight Muay Thai Championship Belt.

Del Rosario knocked out Raul Romero at 1:20 of the second round.



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2 responses to “FilAm Muay Thai Fighters Victorious

  1. Dan Del Rosrio

    Shane Del Rosario is 1/2 Norwegian and 1/2 Filipino. Please correct your records. Thank you.

  2. Fil-Am Female Professional Champion Muay Thai Fighter Christine Toledo Brings Home Victory From China

    November 19, 2008 – Las Vegas, NV – Local Las Vegas Female Professional Champion Muay Thai Fighter Christine Toledo arrived back to the United States with a trophy in hand from earning a victory this past weekend in Zhengzhou, China on November 15, 2008 in a K-1 rules bout against top Chinese female fighter.

    Toledo entered the ring with a record of 13 wins and 2 losses and her Chinese opponent came into the fight with a record of 18 wins and 3 losses. The two were fairly matched by record and experience level before battling each other in a bout scheduled for three rounds. Toledo and her Chinese opponent were contracted at 52 kg (114.4 lbs).

    Five Americans were selected to represent the U.S. fighting team. Toledo was the only female fighter of the team. China selected an elite group of fighters to compete with the Americans, each of which had over 20 fights. The U.S. team was up for a major test of their skills.

    In the bout between Toledo and her Chinese opponent, Toledo had placed a devastating knee to her opponent’s midsection in the first few seconds in round one which resulted in a knock down and as the referee counted, the audience did not expect her to continue, but at the last second of the eight-count, she stood up with determination to finish the fight. The Chinese fighter looked to be hurt through the remaining minutes of the round. After getting back up it seemed the Chinese fighter’s goal was to stay at bay from Toledo and to go the distance until the end of the bout by circling the ring, moving backwards and escaping from Toledo’s clinch and knee techniques. Toledo was the aggressor throughout the fight. The Chinese fighter used countering technique and attempted several times to land powerful side kicks, but Toledo’s footwork, timing, and countering skills showed she was the better fighter that night.

    “My opponent was very tough, strong and fast. I was a little frustrated with her style as she was “slippery” so to speak – I mean every time I came in, she was out. And she delivered a few fast kicks without me knowing they were coming. But it was expected that she would make me work to make this fight mine. I trained for her appropriately and the strategy and technique I worked on with my trainer was effective”, said Christine Toledo.

    Toledo adds, “Even though I won this fight, I feel I could have done so much more. It was a different fight for me in which the rules I’m not used to. I prefer full Muay Thai rules, but I wanted to take on the challenge regardless and experience a great opportunity to fight on Chinese turf”.

    Toledo won the bout by unanimous decision and improved her record to 14 wins and 2 losses. According to the event promoter and staff, Toledo made history by being the first female from a foreign country to win over a Chinese female from their league. They were pleased with her performance and have already invited her back for future events.

    Anthony Badua, Muay Thai trainer, commented, “They put Christine up against one of the best on their team. This is a big victory and it’s something to be proud of. Christine represented the U.S. with style and grace. She was very classy and showed great sportsmanship and respect which the Chinese audience admired about her”.

    The American team walked away with two wins and three losses. Toledo was one of the two to come home with a victory.

    Melanie Antonio
    Public Relations Manager

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