Pinoy to run for US Congress

by Momar Visaya/AJPress

NEW YORK – Jun Policarpio, a former US immigration officer, is running for the 5th Congressional District of New York. He is challenging incumbent Gary Ackerman, who has been occupying the post since 1993.

In a fund-raising event in Flushing Thursday, Policarpio vowed to represent well the residents of the district, covering northeastern Queens County and northwestern Nassau County. The district is one of the most racially diverse in the state. It includes a large Hispanic and Asian American population.

“I am the better candidate and I am the real Republican choice. If I win, I will push for lower taxes and more immigration reform where undocumented aliens with no criminal cases will be allowed to join the labor force. They will then be paying taxes and with that, our social security woes will be solved. It’s a win-win situation,” Policarpio told the Asian Journal.

Policarpio is still waiting for an endorsement from the Queens County Republican Party chaired by Phil Ragusa and the Nassau County Republican Party chaired by Joseph Mondello. On Thursday, the Conservative Party’s Queens County chairman Thomas Long endorsed Policarpio’s candidacy.

“Jun is a sincere and honest family man and we believe that he can represent us well. He will give the people a choice. With all your help, dedication and support, you can make Jun the Republican nominee,” Long Said. (

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