Healing Priest Blesses 14,000

by Rene Villaroman/Asianjournal.com

LOS ANGELES – Approximately 14,000 faithful attended Heal LA at the Los Angeles Sports Arena event last Saturday, May 17. It was the largest ever organized in the United States by “healing priest” Fr. Fernando Suarez.

The acclaimed healing priest had been to more than 40 countries with Fr. Jeff Shannon of the Mary, Mother of the Poor Foundation in Los Angeles, according to coordinator Frances Atienza. Fr. Fernando, as he is addressed by his volunteers, was in his element on Saturday at the multi-ethnic Mass, and during the healing session that followed. He strode to the front of the purpose-built stage that served as altar and addressed the cheering faithful.

“It is Trinity Sunday, and you are here because God loves you,” he began his homily. “God is the one who called you here today one by one. God gave us Jesus and this Jesus is the healer,” he said. “I’m not the healer. I am only God’s instrument. He is going to manifest his healing power and he is going to touch each and every one of you.”

“Are you ready to receive God’s healing? God is just waiting for that disposition. We are all God’s instrument,” Fr. Fernando said. “I am not the only healer here.” Then he thanked the more than 700 volunteers who worked to make the event a success.

Among those who attended were 56-year-old FilAm Teresita de la Cruz of  Norwalk, California, and Dana Beier and her 6-year-old daughter, Brooke, of Belleville, Ohio.

De la Cruz had been “healed” by Fr. Suarez in a healing Mass in San Pedro, California last year. She attended Saturday’s healing event because her cancer recurred, invading her brain this time. She was one of the first congregants to have her head touched by Fr. Fernando. De la Cruz was accompanied be her 26-year-old daughter, Janelle Hinahon, who is her caregiver.

Dana Beier took her daughter Brooke, 6, who suffers from scoliosis and who could not walk and talk. They had attended a healing event by Fr. Fernando in Ohio last year.

Alex Cuadra and his friend, David Tupaz, a couture fashion designer, arrived at the arena earlier than most attendees. They had brought hundreds of flowers that they arranged on the altar. Cuadra, who knows Fr. Suarez from past healing events in Southern California, was delighted that he had done is part.

The Mass and healing event was graced by celebrities including KTLA’s morning news anchor Cher Calvin,  actor-singer Cocoy Laurel, American Idol’s Jasmine Trias, and Tricia Magsino-Barnabe. Their performances were projected on two giant screens hanging on both sides of the stage. The super production went without a hitch, owing to the well-oiled organization that organizer Rosie Chua put into motion to shepherd the largest healing event ever put up for Fr. Fernando Suarez.

Also present were FilAm community’s who’s whos, including Consul General Mary Jo Aragon, civic leader Zeny Sabocor, Rosie Chua, David Tupaz, Doris Magsaysay and her son, Vics, Ted Benito and her mother, Johnny Pecayo of FAMEGATE Magazine; Dan Baltazar of the Press Photographers of the Philippines, and Carol Evangelista of the St. Denis Catholic Community in Diamond Bar, among others.

Owing to the success of this event, De la Vega predicts that another one would be organized sometime in December, probably in the San Diego area.


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