Stop! You’re on Candid Camera!

By Cynthia De Castro/

LOS ANGELES – Albert lent his car to a friend for a day. More than a week later, he got a letter from DMV with a picture of his car caught in a traffic violation – driven by his friend!  The fine was for more than $300!

If you’re driving around Los Angeles county, you should know that there are now 175 intersections that have cameras – ready to take your picture – and fine you hundreds of dollars if you violate traffic laws!

Here’s an interesting fact though. An LA Times study revealed a few days ago that while those red light camera tickets are primarily meant to catch drivers who run through intersections, 80% of those caught are not running thru the red light! Most of the offenders make rolling right turns and do not completely stop at the corner.

One driver named Porcia admitted she was fined $159 for not completely stopping at a corner while another, Bill, was cited for $381 for the same offense. This frequently misunderstood traffic violation is considered a “less pressing safety concern”, but it’s raking in millions each year, according to the LA Times.  So, next time you plan to make a right turn, make sure you completely stop. The camera is watching!


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