UK Men Charged with Racist Abuse

by Cynthia De Castro/

LOS ANGELES – In a report by The WhiteHaven News, Michael Korwin-Granford and his Filipina wife of 20 years, Lilia, were on their way home on Cambridge Road, Hensingham, England when two men and a woman  began to shout, calling Lilia a “Chinese Bitch” and making lewd remarks about their personal lives. As soon as they got home, the Korwin-Granfords reported the matter to the police.

A few days ago, the two men responsible for the attack – Victor Davidson, 19, of Ehen Road, Cleator Moor, and Renwick Nathan Dockwray, 20, of The Oval, Mirehouse  – were found guilty of making insulting and racially-aggravated comments following a trial at Whitehaven Magistrates Court. They will be sentenced by a judge at Carlisle Crown Court on May 30.

Lilia broke down in tears at the witness stand when she recalled the incident. She added that the type of racial abuse she and her family had to endure was common in the Hensingham area, according to Whitehaven News.

In an article which appeared at a local newspaper in Cumbria, News and Star, Mr. Korwin-Granford says it is time to take a stand against society’s decline.

“I feel my case is not a one-off – there are many elderly people living in fear in this area, but also in the UK. It’s a yob society. (Yob is an English slang referring to the uncouth and thugs- AJ) Why should people have to live in fear? I’m hoping I can give people courage to stand up to these people. Teenagers – and even kids as young at nine – are out until 2am, but where are their parents? What’s happened to the responsibility of parents and where are the traditional family values?” added Korwin-Granford.

Lilia, who works for Cumbria Care, has been married to Korwin-Granford for more than two decades and yet still suffers from racial discrimination. Her husband admitted that he had his third heart attack last week as a result of the anxiety over the court case.

“Believe it or not a mixed marriage in this day and age is considered unacceptable. I’m an outcast. Some people don’t seem to comprehend that we don’t look at nationality. We look at people. We’ve been married 20 years and I don’t think of my wife as anything other than my wife,” said Lilia’s 62-year old husband.

Korwin-Granford revealed that Davidson and Dockwray were given the chance to apologize so that the case would not have to go to court but they denied the offence.

“When it came to being genuinely sorry they couldn’t find it in themselves. Sorry is not part of their make-up,” he told the News and Star.


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