Singaporean Jailed for Beating Filipina Domestic Helper

by Cynthia de Castro/

LOS ANGELES – It started out like any regular day for Irene Israel Miguel, a Filipina domestic helper in Singapore.

She was working in the kitchen of the home of Xing Likun, an engineer. Xing’s elder child then asked Irene for a Vitagen, a cultured milk drink. As the child started drinking the Vitagen, Xing’s wife came in. She got mad, scolded Irene and then told her to take the child to the playground.

Xing followed Irene and told her to return to the flat. She was told to go to the kitchen and face the wall. Angrily berating her for making him mad, Xing then took a wooden rolling pin and hit Irene again and again, on the back and on the right calf. Even when Irene fell to the floor, Xing’s assault did not stop as he then began to kick her.

Last week, justice was finally served as Xing Likun was sentenced to jail for the assault on Irene Miguel, Singapore’s The Straits Times reported. The engineer had admitted to hitting Miguel with the rolling pin and kicking her on her knee.

According to The Straits, District Judge Shaiffudin Saruwan said he would have given Xing a higher sentence if not for Xing’s impaired judgment and impulse control. Xing could have been jailed for up to 18 months and fined up to $1,500 for hurting Irene. He was given until July 7 to start his sentence as he is in the midst of a project, The Straits reported.


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