Toddler Dies After Drowning

by Malou L. Aguilar/

SAN JOSE – After days of battling for his life, 2-year-old Aizik Buno breathed his last on Saturday, March 29.

The son of Aaron and Ernamie Buno, Aizik (pronounced as “Isaac”) was found floating, face up, in about 18 inches of still water last week.   According to a news report by Mercury News, relatives said he wasn’t breathing and his face was blue, and his mother and two aunts, who are all nurses, performed CPR until the ambulance arrived at the scene.

Aizik’s family was at Oak Hill for the burial of Eusebio Agutos, his great grandfather, who moved from the Philippines to Salinas in the 1970s to farm.  This move opened the way for his family to migrate to the US and start a life in Silicon Valley.   Aizik’s mother is Agustos’ granddaughter, Ernamie. She and her husband, Aaron Buno, lived in San Jose and moved to Elk Grove about 1 1/2 years ago.   Aizik was an only child.

Aizik was in grave condition when he was brought to the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, according to police.  Doctors told the family that they needed a “miracle” for the little boy to pull through, as his lungs and kidneys were failing.  Aizik was declared brain-dead last Friday, but had been breathing through the help of a respirator. The family hoped for a miracle. He never regained consciousness.

Last Saturday, Aizik’s heart stopped beating, Authorities reported that his body was moved to the Santa Clara County Coroner’s Office on Sunday.

According to a 2004 CDC report, approximately 27% of deaths in toddlers are due to drowning and is the second leading cause of injury deaths for children aged 0 to 3.    Children under 1 year are most likely to drown in bathtubs, buckets, or toilets, whereas toddlers most often drown in residential swimming pools.


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