by Cynthia Flores/

LOS ANGELES – Brad Pe- Pres. Arroyo and everyday titclerc reported the disappearance of his two Filipino workers to Canadian immigration authorities Monday. He filed a complaint to Federal officials stating that two Filipino staffers he recruited recently on a two-year work permit quit after working only a few weeks in his auto detailing shop. “They are now probably working illegally,” he said.

Canadian newspapers reported Petitclerc’s frustration over the response he got from authorities. When he voiced concerns to Federal officials that such workers could be engaged in criminal activities after gaining entrance to the country as badly needed labour, authorities shrugged it off, said Petitclerc.

“The immigration people asked me ‘are they involved in illegal activity”’ And I said ‘I don’t know — I’m not going to stalk them,’ “ said Petitclerc, adding he was told unless there’s proof the men are engaged in illegal activity, there’s nothing Ottawa can do.

There has been a big demand for workers in many parts of Canada and employers have turned to the foreign market to recruit workers for their companies. In 2006,more than 22,000 foreign workers came to Alberta, Canada compared to just 7,000 in 1997. However, once they get to Canada, many temporary foreign workers are ditching the jobs they had agreed to take and meld with the population.

“They just disappeared into the sunset … and the federal government isn’t regulating anything,” Petitclerc said.


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