A FilAm’s View on Hillary’s Primaries Comeback

By Rene Villaroman/Asianjournal.com

On Tuesday, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton broke the 11-state winning streak of Sen. Barack Obama and Roqueresurrected a campaign that was on the verge of losing steam. Although Clinton won Rhode Island, Texas and Ohio, Obama retained his lead in the delegate count with 1,562 to Clinton’s 1,461 with 12 states to go. Clinton, however, said that no American President had won without winning the state of Ohio.

“I don’t feel that Sen. Clinton dished out provocative negative ads,” Niño observed. “She was really stat ing the facts about her rival so it would unmask who Sen. Obama really is; the difference between his (Obama) factual beliefs or only posturings or rhetorics.”

When Asian Journal asked Niño if it is likely that Clinton would pick Obama as running mate if she wins the nomination, Niño was cautious in his prediction. “It’s still too early to predict at this point in time. If Sen. Obama agrees for the sake of unity and a sure win (for Democrats), then it would be a dream presidential tandem,” he offered.

Niño says that Clinton should continue her aggressive campaign without let-up and always mention her experience in domestic and foreign policy. As for the FilAm voting bloc, Niño suggests spreading the word around that Sen. Clinton “can deliver; that her husband Bill can guide her,” Niño said. “It’s like two heads are better than one.”

Niño was even willing to go out on a limb and predict that Sen. Clinton would “definitely win the nomination.” As for the next battleground, Pennsylvania on April 22, Niño is confident that Sen. Clinton would prevail there too. Pennsylvania, like Texas and Ohio, are states fueled by an industrial economy, and home to thousands of blue-collar workers; these are the same demographics that had helped Sen. Clinton win the populous states, including New York and Massachusetts.

The two contenders have some six weeks to campaign in the next battleground, Pennsylvania on April 22, and to make private appeals to super delegates, who will attend the convention, but are not chosen in primaries or caucuses.



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