Julaton Wins Second Pro Fight

by Joseph Pimentel/Asianjournal.com

TEMECULA – Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton bested Carley Batey in a junior featherweight match at the Pechanga Resort and Casino last February 7.

Despite not being at her best, Julaton won via split decision against the 27-year-old former marine. Julaton had been suffering from bronchitis a week prior to the match.

Batey, the No. 8 ranked woman boxer in the US, gave Julaton more than she can handle for six rounds of a bout that was close throughout. Batey showed the never-stand-down marine spirit against Julaton. She would often stand toe-to-toe with Julaton taking and trading punches. Meanwhile, Julaton displayed her quickness and punching accuracy.

Batey started most of the rounds aggressively pursuing Julaton by throwing more misses than hits. Julaton had precision in her punches. She would often work inside a clinch by throwing a series of body combinations and finishing it off with upper cuts.

In the third round, a welt started to form over the top of Julaton’s left eye. Julaton’s camp was not sure whether the welt came from a punch or from one of the many incidental head butts. By the end of six rounds, the two ringside judges scored the bout for Julaton, one judge for Batey.

Ringside observers had the match closer than the judges scorecard.

Batey felt she won the match.”The match was back and forth,” she said. “She was only throwing one punch at a time. I was never hurt. Her punches were not effective shots.”

Batey said that throughout the fight, Julaton was the one who initiated the clinching. She was very disappointed with the judge’s decisions.

“I felt like I had the much stronger combinations. Maybe if Freddie Roach wasn’t in her corner, I might have won,” she insinuated.

Julaton commended Batey for giving her a tough fight.

“I knew, coming into the match, she was going to be tough,” admitted Julaton. “Watching the tape [of her previous match] I knew Batey was going to come after me. I just tried to set up and capitalize [my punches].”

“I would have liked to have worked the outside more,” she added.

Julaton’s trainer Roach said his young prodigy still has a lot to learn.

“Ana needs to work on how to fight in a clinch,” he said. “She was only using one hand. I would have liked it if she used both.”

Roach was surprised by the judge’s decision as well.

“I had us winning five [rounds] to one,” said Roach. “But I’m not a judge. Carley’s a tough opponent. I knew coming into the fight she was going to be aggressive.”

Batey’s record falls to 3-3-2. With the win, Julaton improved to two wins, zero losses. Julaton said her lack of experience showed in this fight. She’ll be hitting the gym more determined.

“I need to work on my head movement, jab more [and] throwing punches from the outside more,” she said.

Angelo Reyes, Julaton’s manager and trainer, said he might have plans for Julaton to fight on either February 22 or the Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez undercard.


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