A Star-Studded Evening: ‘Sakal, Sakali Saklolo’ premieres in Alex Theatre

by Joseph Pimentel/Asianjournal.com

GLENDALE — Filipino-Americans came out in full force for the first ever US theatrical screening and premiere of ABS-CBN’s movie Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo last Saturday, January 12, at the Alex Theatre in Glendale.

More than 600 Filipinos lined the red carpet to catch a glimpse of their favorite Filipino superstar and couple actor Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo as they made their arrival.

Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo is the sequel of Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo starring Juday and Ryan reprising their roles as young couples going through the early phases of parenthood.

Edna Vargas, her husband Ben, sister Agnes and a few other family members drove from West Covina to catch the premiere.

“Of course, I’m here to see Juday and Ryan,” said Edna. “We saw the first movie [in 2006] when we were in the Philippines. It’s so good.”

Edna said that her sister Agnes arrived at 12 noon at the Alex Theatre to make sure she’s the first in line.

“I was even planning to sleep at my niece’s house in Glendale so I can be early,” added Agnes. “We’re all big fans.”

FilAms Casey, Beth and Ophelia drove two hours from Santa Barbara to Glendale to become the second ones in line.

“We’re all big fans of Judy Ann and Ryan,” said Ophelia.

“I like Ryan’s hair,” said Casey.

One hundred lucky fans were also excited about winning the opportunity to meet and greet with Juday and Ryan.

Hanna De Silva of Cerritos said she’s the biggest fan of Juday and Ryan.

“I’m a big fan of Ryan and Isabella,” said De Silva, who was one of the lucky winners chosen for the meet and greet. “I’m the biggest fan, major, major biggest fan and I am going to hug him and kiss him if I can.”

Stars’ arrival

Once the white stretch Hummer limo reached the front of the Alex Theatre, people began to get their digital and phone cameras ready.

As Juday and Ryan walked through the red carpet, flash bulbs and screams of “Juday!” and “Ryan!” filled the air.

The crowd then collapsed on the couple as they made their entrance and Juday and Ryan had to squeeze their way in to the door.

The couple was rushed backstage as people began to run to their seats.

Once the crowd got settled, Juday (dressed in a black dress) and Ryan (wearing a black sweater and jeans) thanked the audience for their support.

“I hope you’ll like the movie,” said Juday in Tagalog.

“Thank you very much for coming here and enjoy the movie,” added Ryan.

Art imitating life?

In an interview with the Asian Journal (AJ) backstage, AJ asked if Ryan and Juday’s relationship mirrors that of their characters Jed and Angie in the movie. Ryan said, “Jed and Angie’s characters are opposite to who we are.” “Jed is spineless. Angie is very noisy, maingay totally the opposite of Judy but it’s fun to play these characters. By shooting these two films, we decided that we are not going to get married to Jed and Angie.”

Juday also said that at the moment there are no plans for a part 3.

“There’s been talk but honestly, probably not,” said Juday. “Two is enough.”

“We might be stretching it,” added Ryan. “Honestly, there has been talk but right now we’re just enjoying the success of Kasal, Kasali and Sakal, Sakali.”

The young couple was just very thankful for having the opportunity to meet Filipinos that went to the screening.

“To all the Pinoys, thank you for attending the screening in LA,” said Agoncillo.

“Thank you very much. We know you lead busy lives here in America so thank you so much for the reception you have given us.”

“Mabuhay,” added Santos.

Love the movie

After the show, the Filipino crowd had smiles on their faces.

“Very good,” said Fatima of LA.  “I really love them. They are so good. All I can say is ‘Oh my God,’ they are very good.”

“The movie was great, wonderful and funny,” said Ging Ging. “We all enjoyed it.”


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