Glendale City Council Commends FilAm Community Leader

by Rene Villaroman/

GLENDALE — Mayor Ara Najarian and Council members presented a certificate of commendation to Grace L. Walker, a community servant-leader, advocate, and educator, during a regular session of the City Council on Tuesday, December 4.

Walker is the Chief Executive Officer of Walker & Associates, a privately held company that provides innovative solutions to non-profit and educational institutions in the areas of organizational development, knowledge management, and financial viability through the use of technology.

The Glendale City Council commendation came at the heels of a prestigious award given to Walker in Washington DC in October by the Filipino Women’s Network.

“In appreciation of your distinguished leadership as a Commissioner of Women’s Status of Women (in Glendale), an active member of Filipino American Business Association of Glendale (FABAG), and for being named as one of the 100 Most Influential Filipino Women in the US, honoring your ability to lead, mentor, innovate, and influence society,” the commendation stated.

“Congratulations on being chosen as the Community Advocate of the Year for the 14th Annual Asian Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. Your outstanding community service makes you a valuable asset to our community,” the commendation continued. It was read by Mayor Najarian and presented to Walker in the presence of her husband, Carl, and two members of the FilAm Kiwanis Club of Glendale.

Walker’s distinguished career fills a four-page resume, and includes numerous positions in the educational, religious, civic, and business sectors. The awards, grants, and recognitions that she has received are too numerous, but some are worth mentioning here, including the 2006 exemplary Community Service Award from Congressman Adam Schiff; Outstanding Alumna (Jubilee Celebration) St. Joseph’s College; 2004 21st CCLC Grant ($6.2 million grant for after school program), California Department of Education; and the 1999 US Department of Education National Distinguished Principal Award, Top 4 Private School Administrators in the United States.

“Confidence, brilliance, and belief in the power of education captures the essence of Grace Walker,” said Lino Caringal, President of Fil-Am Kiwanis of Glendale. Walker is incoming President of the organization.

“Grace is a life-long educator, non-profit consultant and community leader whose life and work have inspired many, especially the youth of today. Her passion is working with children and nurturing their hearts and minds, with emphasis on helping them become well-rounded individuals through her expertise in literacy, art and technology,” Caringal added.

On accepting her award from the Filipino Women’s Network in Washington DC in October, Walker said: “From now, society may think of Filipina leaders as a ‘deviant’ phenomenon. But if we think of deviance as defined by Matthews and Watts (2002) as an innovation virus, one that infects the status quo, changing traditional thinking at a cellular, primal level, where the formerly unshakeable becomes a social convention, then I’ll accept that premise for now.”

“I’ve known Grace for many, many years,” said Council Member Dave Weaver.  He added that Walker is a “real go-getter” and she is very technologically adept, especially with computer systems, and that she deserved the commendation.


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